Pigeon Boy and Pony’s Christmas Book


Different Christmas reading! Pony and Pigeon Boy build a secret Christmas lodge in a cupboard in the loft. Christmas is in danger of going badly wrong for Pony: Mum and Dad are away on a romantic holiday, Miisu is moving out and Grandma plans to take Pony and Madeleine to the Christmas feast she has been organising for the homeless. On top of everything else, the teacher has tasked Pony with filming a Christmas video. How on earth is that going to happen when grandma won’t even get a tree! Surprisingly, the worst Christmas of all time turns into the best Christmas ever. Sometimes things don’t go the way you want, and that’s better than anything. Pigeon Boy and Pony’s Christmas Book is the fifth in the Pigeon Boy and Pony series. A film featuring the two friends is scheduled for release in Finland in spring 2018.



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Puluboin ja ponin komeroirja

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