Pilate (Pilatus)


A captivating dive into destiny at the birth of Western society.

Pontius Pilate thinks he has experienced everything, until the gods of Rome decide once again to make a mockery of him. He loses caste as the prefect of Judea, there is a price on his head and his wife has secretly prepared him a shocking surprise. Pilate turns his back on the past, the wars and adventures, the conspiracies, love and hate. He now tries to understand his life as a slave of the imperium.

In Asko Sahlberg’s thrilling novel, tragedy meets comedy, mythical figures, Roman emperors and Jewish prophets. In the style of Mika Waltari, Pilate mercilessly portrays social ascension, greed and thirst for power. It is both the collision of culture and religion and a new interpretation of the early stages of Christianity.