Pressure (Paine)


How do you escape an agonising relationship when both people refuse to leave?

“Pasi, I’m begging you. Don’t torture me any longer. Go away. Leave me in peace.” Iris attaches the note to the mirror. She’s more exhausted every night, she can’t take it much longer. Pasi thinks it’s all her fault. She has spoiled their home life.

In this thriller from the Pii Marin series, Pii’s brother Joel moves in next door to Iris and Pasi, and finds himself in the middle of a divorce drama. Why is Iris afraid of Pasi when everyone sees him as such a good man

During their first vacation together, Pii and Juha Heino try to figure out how Pii’s Tanzanian father died. Pii is impatient at their slow progress and when new facts about her father are revealed, they are unlike anything she could have imagined.



Pii Marin



“I am eagerly waiting for the sixth volume in the Pii Marin –series.”
– Ilta-Sanomat / 3.4.2010
“The two-sided end of the story really got me. It means I must find out what kind of decisions Pii Marin will make in her life. I just have to.”