Revenge (Kosto)


Pii Marin’s lengthy convalescence leave ends and she finds herself back in the chaos of the TV-studio: the regional programming unit is shooting a provincial version of the Big Brother reality show.

Just after Pii’s return, something totally unscripted happens in the Big Brother household – a macabre twist in the plot that the production team had not anticipated. As the cameras roll and transmit the discovery live into viewers’ living-rooms, one of the inmates, 25-year-old Liina Palonen, is found very dead on the tiled floor of the sauna. The Big Brother house becomes a crime scene cordoned off behind blue-and white police tapes. The murder investigation brings Chief Inspector Juha Heino and Pii together once more. There are emotional sparks flying between the pair, but does their relationship have any chance of surviving as the quest for the killer leads down an increasingly perilous path?

In her new book, Nuotio offers a fascinating glimpse into the extreme phenomena of modern TV entertainment.



Pii Marin



“This is a good point to go on with the series, to where ever she wants.”
Helsingin Sanomat / 2.4.2007
“With blogs and real-tv surroundings Nuotio has created a very up-to-date world. The excitement keeps the reader in a tight grip.”