The Robbersons and the Bandit Karaoke


Brum-de-dum, here they come! Maisie assures the doubters that she’s become a fully fledged member of the robber family! The Robbersons are on the loose again this summer – in a fast-paced sequel to the fresh, anarchic children’s novel!

Maisie’s summer gets off to a lousy start – she has to go to violin camp. Fortunately, the Robberson family kidnap her, impressively and politely. Then the wild, free robber’s life Maisie loves so much begins: screeching along country lanes, camping out on lakeshores and snacking on robber treats.

The robbers’ summer festival is just around the corner, and their Bandit Karaoke championships will determine the next robber king or queen! Wild Carl Robberson is focusing on the upcoming competition. He’s growing confident of a victory when it emerges that the other robber families have pulled a fast one on the Robbersons.

They are in need of Maisie’s resourcefulness. The Robbersons also get some reinforcements in their ranks from an unexpected quarter, and Maisie gets to hear about Helmeri Berg’s secret, seminal guide to robbing …



The Robbersons


Original title

Me Rosvolat ja konnakaraoke

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