The Robbersons and the League of Bandits


When head bandit Big Hemmi’s Robbers’ Handbook secrets are revealed, a new page is turned in the history of highway robbery

Maisie’s ”robber godmother”, the writer Kaija Robberson, is being married. Kaija and Hannes plan to hold their wedding in Lapland. The Robbersons agree to meet with the Tundra Doom robber gang while there, for they hold the very last heraldic syllable needed to open the Robbers’ Handbook.

But not everything goes according to plan: when the Doom syllable is finally in hand, the Spellcharmers arrive and muddle everything. Hele ends up a hostage, and Maisie unravels the code under extreme pressure. On top of everything, a crowd of hungry uninvited bandits arrives at the wedding…



The Robbersons


Original title

Me Rosvolat ja ryöväriliitto

English extract

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In true Scandinavian spirit, Maisie becomes a modern-day Ronia the Robbers’ Daughter. Me and the Robbertsons is a brilliant, topsy-turvy, humorous book full of suprising twists and turns and sparkling with imagination. Every page is a joy to read.