The Cage of Voices. The Prophecy of the Green-haired Girl.


The Cage of Voices – The Prophecy of the Green-haired Girl is a tremendous, brilliantly illustrated, fairytale novel about loyalty and about finding your own voice. It is the story of six lost boys and a green-haired girl who begins to search for them. In Haidaku land it is forbidden to travel from one village to another. Uku decides to take the risk to find her brothers, who have been missing for a long time. Uku is joined on her journey by Kaski, a post boy who has no voice but carries the wind in his heels.

The pair meet an old sound master, a professional in capturing swan sounds in a cage. Is the master’s tale of six brothers living in the Shingle Sea true? Can Uku succeed in meeting the Queen of Haidaku and completing three tasks so that the brothers can return?



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