The Hummingbird. Anna Fekete 1


The gripping start to the detective series in the icy latitudes of the Arctic tackles burning issues of immigration.

Anna Fekete’s career as a detective begins in a northern Finnish coastal town. She is almost immediately thrust into a case that has grasped the nation. A young woman has been killed on a running trail, and a pendant depicting an Aztec god has been found in her possession. Another murder soon follows. Can Anna catch the Hummingbird before he – or she – strikes again? And at what personal cost? Anna is also troubled by the fate of a Kurdish girl, Bihar. Bihar contacts the police, fearing “honour violence”. But when the girl refuses to co-operate during questioning, Anna must look elsewhere for evidence.




From our icy Arctic latitudes, the strong-willed/uncompromising author Kati Hiekkapelto and her charmingly young and edgy police officer, Anna Fekete, take Nordic noir in a new and fresh direction. These novels are a totally compelling read.
Yrsa Sigurdardottir
All fans of Scandi crime will love this.
Hörzu, Germany
Hiekkapelto knows how to get under your skin.
45 min, MTV3, Finland
Hiekkapelto is one of the most exciting new authors working in Nordic Noir.
Eurodrama blog, UK
Here is an author who trounces the Swedes. Läckberg & Co. feel clunky once you’ve had a chance to devour the realistic, engrossing and vitally topical story about Anna Fekete.
Viva, Finland
“Truly addictive stuff. You can’t help but fall into the story head over heels and you can’t get out once you are in until it is done. This author writes like a rock star playing to the crowd.”
Liz Loves Books Blog, UK
“A wonderful natural style and narrative flow, and a talent for memorable, intriguing characters... Kati Hiekkapelto is one that truly stands out.”
Crimefictionlover Blog, UK
“It’s a lot like reading Henning Mankell, when Senior Constable Anna Fekete works on several tricky cases in the icy-cold winter of Northern Finland while contemplating the hardness of life.”
Helsingin Sanomat, Finland
“Hiekkapelto provides an unsentimental account of Finnish society and its cultural traditions.”
Irish Times, U
“This masterful storyteller has brewed up a savory tale of crime and police methodology that, seasoned with friendship, compassion, and hope, satisfies on all levels.”
Foreword Reviews, USA
“The novel is a bit like its protagonist: sometimes full of energy and fast-paced, but later melancholy and mournful – always exciting and worth reading.”
WDR 2 Crime Fiction Tip, Germany, on The Hummingbird
“The Hummingbird by Kati Hiekkapelto is a strong addition to the genre. The book’s real strength, though, is the character of Anna Fekete… She’s a flawed character which adds to the depth of her portrayal.”