The Island


“What you are about to read is heavy stuff; might want to stop, take a break, find a place to rest. That is why I tell you first about The Island. The Island is a  place to recover. Without the Island I might not exist, and The Island might well rescue you, too – one never knows. Note: even if you never make it to The Island for real, you can always find it in your imagination, that’s what I used to do.”

A group of children who have been let down by adults find a way to recover on a tropical island. You don’t even have to tell your real name, you can choose a new one. The power of stories rebuilds their faith in people. Reassuring, but not shying away from difficult topics, The Island tells the story of five pre-teens building their own utopia to fix each other after disappointments and mistreatment, taking the side of the children and believing in them. This unique book is a manifesto of children’s rights in the form of an adventure novel.



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