The Jungle Crew – into the City!


The current pressing themes of climate change and migration are depicted gently in this debut picture book. The Madagascar style adventure leads into discussion about adapting into new surroundings and new beginnings.

Zebra, Giraffe and Mama Hen have a good life in their home jungle but when several natural disasters force them to leave their home, a dangerous escape across the seas begins. They end up in a big city with high buildings instead of tall trees. Working together they build a new house that will feel like home for all of them.



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Viidakon väki ja suuri muutto

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"The book conveys diversity in a graceful way: the jungle animals, the white-tailed deer, seals and chickens all live in harmony in the city. At its best the book's pages are detailed in the style of Richard Scarry... The mixed media technique is flavoured with speech bubbles. Designed bold text and large character size support a beginning reader."