The White Flowers Of Poison (MYRKKYKEISO)


Ellen Spring, recently retired and widowed, is in the prime of her life at the age of 58. She loves to travel and is obsessed by the perennials in her garden. She is inventive and attractive, getting flattering attention from men around her – but she doesn’t want to commit to anything more than a fling with her younger lover.
However, Ellen is also an exceptionally perceptive individual, with a curious mind and an ability to smell a rat.

A young mother, worn down by the responsibility of running the family, takes some time off alone at the summer cottage. Her husband is overwhelmed by the sudden responsibility of taking care of their young daughter. Luckily, Ellen Spring has the time and the means to help.
But when the mother doesn’t return in time, it seems Ellen has more work to do than she originally prepared herself for. How did this beautiful young woman with an apparently perfect life disappear?



Ellen Spring investigates #1



As light and as warm as a blanket one needs on a terrace on a Finnish summer night.