Zoo #1: Viral Geniuses


Atlas starts Year 10 just as his best friend Elliott moves abroad. Atlas emails Elliott, telling him about everything going on at school and in his life. As well as a way of keeping in contact, the emails are an outlet for Atlas’s creativity. The letters are full of drawings, sketches, Top 3 lists and memes. Despite living on opposite sides of the planet, the boys continue producing their own web comic “ Zoo”, a humourous reflection on school life, set in a zoo.

Zoo #1: Viral Geniuses is an outrageous, laugh-out- loud series about the everyday life of a teenage boy, full of surprises and relatable moments. Hard to resist, impossible to put down.

Partially illustrated in comic book style by Pertti Otsamo.



The Zoo series


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Zoo #1: Viral Geniuses

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  • Finlandia Junior 2017
  • The Torch Bearer Award 2017


The book widens the publishing side of Finnish Swedish children's literature and it lays a foundation for a long-running bestselling series
Zoo! Viral Geniuses is a funny and credible description of life in junior high school
A hormone-fueled and positively quirky depiction of teenage world. It describes poignantly the hassle and drama of high-school and the fundamental need to be part of the group. Guaranteed to make readers of all ages laugh. A cleverly laid out smorgasbord of various communication styles that is visible in the text and illustrations.
Finlandia Junior Prize Jury

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