Upside-down, Blue


”Blue got up on the wrong foot.  

–  Wrong foot! Blue screamed. – Oh no! I was supposed to get up on the right foot! Now the day is ruined! Blue was jumping next to the bed and felt the anger and frustration growing.”

Blue puts the feelings upside-down in this new interactive book. She introduces the reader to such tools as the grumpiness-repeller, laughter-compeller and Sisu’s endurance gymnastics. By turning the pages the reader also gets to discover goofy creatures that hide in Blue’s garden. Upside- down, Blue! contains short stories and funny, inspiring games and activities for the sunny and rainy days! The book can be flipped over to read back to front for a new point of view.





Original title

Mullin Mallin Molli

Year of publication


Original publisher

Lasten Keskus

Page count