Veera in the Kitchen


The fourth Veera release from this gifted pair. A previous collaboration entitled Veera’s Best Ever Book of Vehicles won them Finland’s most important prize for illustrated works in 2000.

Veera in the Kitchen introduces children to the kitchen and cooking. Veera and her curious friends Tatu and Patu have occupied the kitchen, because they plan to make a pizza.

As she bakes, Veera teaches one or two things about kitchen utensils, mixers and blenders, crockery and cutlery, and not least about ingredients to the two boys, who are their normal selves and do everything either crazily or backwards.

At last the pizza is ready and the threesome sit down to eat, but before then they have to go through the matter of table manners. And what a lesson THAT is! The pupil is an adult and the teacher a child sitting in a highchair.



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Veeran keittiöpuuhat

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