Vesta-Linnéa and Friends


Everything gets better with Mindy. Every time Mindy calls and wants to play Vesta-Linnéa transforms, she becomes more energetic and inventive. That is why Vesta-Linnéa has to wait by the telephone. Why can’t mum understand this?

Tove Appelgren and Salla Savolainen are back! In Vesta-Linnéa and Friends popularity and friendship stands in the centre. Vesta-Linnéa wonders why she doesn’t seem to be as exciting for throughout cool Mindy as Mindy is to her.



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Vesta-Linnéa och vännerna

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“Vesta-Linnéa and Friends tells the story of Vesta-Linnéa who struggles with the feeling of disappointment as she feels abandoned by her favourite friend. The picture book dives into the reality of a child’s everyday life and the role of a smartphone.”
Runeberg Junior Jury
"The picture book’s focus is on social relationship related everyday issues. The artwork by Savolainen sums up superbly the feelings of disappointment and rejection from the child’s perspective."