Water from Nuorgam


An absurd comedy about Finnish madness and unremitting ambition


Mikke is faced with a drunken dare: can you carry a bucket full of water from Nuorgam – the northernmost place in Finnish Lapland – all the way to Helsinki on foot? And not taking a single step yourself, but finding carriers who are ready to pay to get to do the job?

This insane challenge takes Mikke on a hilarious adventure through small towns and bumpy country-roads. During the journey, he meets the whole range of heroes – and some hot and not-so-hot heroines – residing the land of thousand lakes and dense forests.

When ‘Water from Nuorgam’ becomes the new social media phenomenon, Mikke has to decide where his loyalties lie.

A plastic bucket, a newly single young man and a ramshackle van. Location: Northern Lapland. Mission: Get the bucket to Helsinki, on foot.



Original title

Nuorgamin vettä

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