Wild House


A house so full of secrets that it runs away! Contemporary adventure trilogy with speedy chasing scenes, secretive characters, Cluedo-like problem solving – and a house that grows legs.

Tomtom’s family feel like the luckiest bunch alive when they get to move into the caretaker’s at in the old ornate villa. The villa is owned by mysterious millionaire van Böök and it has been split into flats, occupied by carefully selected diverse cast of tenants. Tomtom writes to his best friend Amir about the move, only to discover the next day that not only he has moved, but the house has moved away, too.

Why the house has legs? How to ride the house? Who is chasing the house? And what adventures lie ahead? The children of the house are on a quest to find out.

Anticipated new trilogy by Siri Kolu of the Robbersons fame is illustrated in black and white by Johanna Lumme. The pair has previously worked together on school books.



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