Yoko’s Diary: Pitchblack and Perfect


The dog now lives with Yoko’s family and is unconditionally loved. Yoko realises that the world seems like a safer place, when you can share your bed with a warm and furry dog.

There are, however, things that trouble Yoko. Why is Yoko’s best friend Anna spending more time with Belle than with her? Is she even Yoko’s best friend anymore – and how does Yoko really feel about Daniel? Will grandfather, who is losing his memory, forget about Yoko too? All the boys in class fall in love with the new girl, Joy, and when she throws a party Yoko is not invited! The final straw is when Yoko’s embarrassing mom takes things too far: she comes to give sexual education to her whole class! Luckily, Yoko has her diary to confide in.

The Yoko series has an authentic tone and humour, without leaving out the sadness and worries that young readers can relate to.



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Nattsvart och underbart

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