Zoo #2: Heart Attack


Atlas’ best friend Elliott has been gone for only a month after his move to down under, but a lot has happened since: Atlas has been chosen the class president for  Year 10 and he has a new friend, the  new girl at school, Sarah-Li.

The beginning of Atlas’ career as the class president is not as glamorous as he had imagined: the privileged club room for class presidents, commonly known as “The Cellar”, has been invaded by piles of dusty books, thanks to the school library renovation. It’s Atlas’ job to clean it up, together with the class president for Year 9, Felicia, who is so shy her vocabulary is limited to “okey-dokey”.

Life is very stressful for Atlas as the class president, and when he falls out with Sarah-Li it is almost too much. But then the Headmaster asks Atlas to submit the Zoo web-comic for Teacher’s magazine; he and Elliott will get paid for it.



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