Sustainability and Code of Conduct

Rights & Brands is committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, promoting ethical behavior, and fostering transparency in our operations. Rights & Brands understands that this is an ongoing journey, and we will constantly be working on improvements.

Together with our hundreds of business partners, we aim to develop a more transparent and responsible business. Please take a moment to review our Code of Conduct, which lays out our commitment to sustainable practices and ethical behavior.

Rights & Brands invite employees, partners, and clients to hold us accountable and report any concerns they may have. We take any concerns or reports of non-compliance seriously and have implemented a whistle-blowing function. This function allows any employee or business partner to report any concerns they may have about our practices or the actions of our partners securely and fully anonymously if preferred.

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Sustainability Cases

At Rights & Brands we encourage our partners and licensees to have a sustainable approach when manufacturing products. Here are some cases and interviews with licensees regarding how they work with sustainability in a licensing collaboration. 


Stig Lindberg

Licensee and Product

Polarn O. Pyret - 'Berså' shell jacket

Company Overview

Polarn O. Pyret (PO.P) is a premium children’s clothing brand established in Sweden in 1976, known for quality in both design and durability. PO.P’s vision is to always have ”at least three children using every garment”. The company addresses sustainability and transparency in all stages of design, manufacturing, and distribution, as well as providing a platform for customers to re-sell second-hand garments for the reuse of PO.P products.

Product Description, Materials and Certifications

The Berså shell jacket Is part of Polarn O. Pyret’s Stig Lindberg collection made for outdoor play and activities, with high performance in fabric functionality. The Berså jacket is made of 100 % recycled polyester.

PO.P works according to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), The Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) and Lenzing EcoVero textile fiber standards. PO.P are also in the process of being Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified.

Sustainability Approach and Solutions

“At PO.P we believe the most efficient employment of natural resources is to give a once manufactured product as long a lifespan as possible, thus reducing the need for sourcing new raw materials”, says Martina Wernemar, Product and Brand Director at PO.P.

The Berså shell jacket is made entirely out of highly durable recycled materials, it is unisex in colours and with a classic timeless design, extending its versatility. If torn or cut, it’s always worthwhile to repair the garment. PO.P offers in-house repair service at cost for this product.  When the customer has no more use for the garment, they can sell it second-hand on PO.P’s own platform.

Polarn O. Pyret is actively engaged in waste reduction both through ”smart pattern design” and by creating ” 360-degree prints”, both of which makes it possible to cut the fabric in several directions. PO.P also crafts ”reclaimed fabric products”, i.e. products manufactured from leftover fabrics.

“We want to provide full transparency of all suppliers, e.g., the name of the production unit can be found on the product’s homepage”, says Wernemar. “We are also currently in the process of mapping all stages of our supply chains.”


Children’s Clothing

Packaging, Transportation and Distribution

Polarn O. Pyret does not use plastic packaging for its products. During spring 2022, they began discarding poly bags and have since reduced their yearly use by 80 %, equivalent to 15,000 kg of unnecessary plastic waste each year.

To reduce the environmental impact of transportation and distribution, PO.P demands biofuel on all sea transports and has a zero-tolerance policy regarding air freight.