Fazer’s new, delicious Moomin bakery products now available in Finland

05 May 2021

Fazer’s selection of Moomin products has grown with two delicious novelties. The apple pies and buns are now available in stores all around Finland!


The new Moomin bakery products are delicious treats for the entire family.

Fazer berry pies are a loved classic, baked in Fazer’s bakery since 1971. The newest addition to the product family is the Moomin apple pie!
Different Moomin characters illustrate the packaging of the pies. A fun detail is that the packaging changes based on the season!
Another delicious novelty is the Moomin buns. The soft buns have a fruit filling, and they’re an excellent choice for an afternoon treat. The buns are dairy-free and also suitable for vegans!
The packaging is decorated with Moomin illustrations and quotes from the Moomin stories.
The pies and buns are now available in Finland!