Riikka Suominen

Journalist Riikka Suominen (b. 1977), inspired by thinkers like Esther Perel, planned to write an essay collection against the conventions of monogamous relationship. When her friends in publishing told her the collection would end up on the back shelves of the book stores, she decided to adventure on prose. The result is a captivating, quick and contemporary read with a bold message. Why is the lack of desire considered a disorder even though it is common for women to suffer from it in long relationships? Why do we measure love against monogamy even though every third person has an affair and every second marriage ends in divorce?  

“According to my motto, there is always room for a crush in this world. A crush is a wonderful thing.”

– Riikka Suominen in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper  


Photo: ©  Jonne Räsänen/ Otava 2019

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