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We bring Nordic rights and brands to a global arena. Our background is in literature, art and design. We are a 360 agency using all aspects of character representation and branding, from publishing and PR to licensing.


  • 23 Nov 2020

    LAND OF SNOW AND ASHES shortlisted for the Savonia Prize

  • 20 Nov 2020

    Moominvalley premieres in Germany next week

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  • 18 Nov 2020

    ‘TOVE’ (2020) has been selected as Finland’s Oscar candidate

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Moomin Magazine

Moomin Magazine

Read the Moomin Magazine issue 1 here 




  • The Jungle Crew - The Secret of the Garden

    Johanna Lumme
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  • Wild House Book 2: Roof Riders

    Siri Kolu & Johanna Lumme
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  • Land of Snow and Ashes

    Petra Rautiainen
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  • This Should End with My Death

    Hannele Mikaela Taivassalo
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  • Moomin "Snow Blizzard" Winter Mug 2020 - Arabia

  • Moomin 'Snow Blizzard' Winter Bowl 2020 - Arabia

  • Moomin x Sarpaneva Watch

  • Moomin Vacuum Jug 1l blue - Stelton

  • Moomin serving/cutting board Adventures on the water - Muurla

  • The Whodunit Detective Agency Drawstring bag - Skandibrand