Stig L by Granit


Stig Lindberg




Granit is a retailer in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Germany that offers a wide selection of functional products for the modern home. This was Granit’s first licensing collaboration, a large collection of products with five different patterns designed by Stig Lindberg, one the Sweden’s most prominent designers.

Description of collaboration

The first five patterns that Granit chose for this collaboration were Wrap, Poeme d’Amour, Berså, Korragualion and Salix. The collection follows Granit’s philosophy of creating multi-functional and timeless pieces for the living room, kitchen and bedroom – such as bed sets, pillows, glasses and trays. The products are for everyday moments and are all decorated with patterns that all carry a piece of Swedish design history. The launch was strengthened with PR by influencers such as Elsa Billgren and Frida Lund.

Since the first launch, Granit has expanded the Stig L collection with Christmas ornaments, wrapping papers, glass tableware, cushions and more.


Home & Interior


The first collection with five prints was launched in spring 2022. In the autumn of 2022, a second collection with 5 new prints was launched, followed by Christmas ornaments for the holiday season.

Since then, Granit has continued its collaboration with the Stig Lindberg brand, launching new collections for spring, autumn and Christmas. 


Granit’s collaboration with Stig Lindberg has been a huge success. During the pre-launch of the first drop, 5000 Berså glasses were sold online, and the remaining 2000 glasses sold out within 40 minutes of launching. The second drop featured Salix glasses, which also sold out within hours of launching.

The collaboration has also gathered a lot of press coverage – such as Plaza Interior Magazine, Hus & Hem, Aftonbladet Härligt Hemma’s trendwatch, Metro Mode and more.

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