Stig Lindberg

Stig Lindberg (1916-1982) is one of Sweden’s most important post-war designers. He was an artist, designer, painter and illustrator, working in ceramics, glass, enamel and textile as well as creating public art. Lindberg is also well-renowned for his children’s book illustrations. His modern and creative designs combine brilliance with elegance and practicality. Rights & Brands also represents Stig Lindberg in Japan.

  • Designer at Gustavsberg from 1937 – 1980
  • Textile design for NK during the fifties and sixties
  • Represented at National Museum Stockholm, Museum of Modern Art New York, Victoria & Albert Museum London
  • Book illustrator for Lennart Hellsing and other authors
  • Well known in Japan, big exhibition in Tokyo 2016
  • High valued at different major auction firms
  • Exhibition at Millesgården, Stockholm 2021-2022
  • @stiglindbergofficial on social media

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Awards & Nominations


  • Gold Metal Triennale


  • Grand Prix Triennale


  • Gold Metal at the Industrial Arts exhibition in Madrid


  • Gold Metal at the first International Ceramics Festival in Cannes


  • Gold Metal at the first International Ceramics Festival in Prague


  • The Prince Eugen Medal


  • Honorary professorship by the Swedish Government


  • Faenza, Gold Medal