Lollo & Bernie

Lollo is a giraffe born in Africa. She is competitive, creative and loves vegetarian food. Because of her long neck she can see very far, and it always makes her eager to go on adventures and learn new things. Bernie is a bear born near the Polar Circle. He‘s wise, caring and loves to teach. He‘s full of energy, but a bit clumsy when his round belly gets in his way. 

Lollo & Bernie both share a desire to explore and the joy of bringing people together. They are friendly, active, happy and kind. And they love big, warm hugs. 

  • Lollo & Bernie Dance School Video on YouTube has over 45 million views
  • Winner of Stora Barnsemesterpriset 7 years in a row 
  • Lollo & Bernie Music available on Spotify
  • Live show on stage in theaters in Stockholm and Gothenburg (2019) 
  • Approximately 30.000 Lollo & Bernie plush toys sold every year 
  • Shop-in-shop concepts for Sunwing’s mini-markets and special Webshop

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  • Stora Barnsemesterpriset


  • Stora Barnsemesterpriset


  • Stora Barnsemesterpriset


  • Stora Barnsemesterpriset


  • Stora Barnsemesterpriset


  • Stora Barnsemesterpriset


  • Stora Barnsemesterpriset


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