Ronja, the Robber's Daughter

The night Ronja is born a thunderstorm rages. Lightning strikes the Robbers’ fortress and cleaves it in two. Ronja’s life begins on an extraordinary night, and she grows up to become an equally extraordinary girl.

A girl who’s the apple of her father’s eye, but who also challenges him, and a girl who chooses friendship over family rivalry. Ronja explores the deep forests, lakes, mountains, and forest glades. She’s drawn to wilderness and adventure. Living in harmony with animals and nature, she seldom has reason to be frightened. Ronja’s mother is a wise and strong woman who entrusts her daughter with the freedom to figure out her own morals and sense of right and wrong. 

Ronja is compassionate, just, and brave – if something isn’t right she’ll speak up – even if it leads to conflict with those closest around her. 

  • The book is written by Astrid Lindgren and illustrated by Ilon Wikland.
  • Translated to 45 languages and sold in over 11 million copies
  • The book has been adapted as a prize-winning film in 1984
  • Also adapted as a TV-series from Japanese Studio Ghibli
  • The Ronja audio book and songs has over 10 million streams
  • Celebrates 40 years in 2021
  • New TV series in production by Viaplay
  • In place #47 on BBC’s 100 Greatest Children’s Books of All Time

Illustrations: © Design Ilon Wikland AB
Ronja, the Robber’s Daughter: TM and © The Astrid Lindgren Company

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