The Brothers Lionheart

The Brothers Lionheart (Bröderna Lejonhjärta) is a tale of love strong enough to conquer death – not just once, but twice. After brothers Jonathan and Crusty pass away, they meet again in Nangijala, the land of eternal spring. Casting a long shadow over their world is the evil tyrant Tengil, ruler of the country Karmanjaka, where he’s building his new fortress up in the The Ancient Mountains.

Jonathan and Crusty’s narrative are a story of love that’s both timeless and deeply touching. It’s a tale about the battle between good and evil, between fear and courage, about a struggle for freedom – and about death.

  • The book is written by Astrid Lindgren and illustrated by Ilon Wikland.
  • Translated to over 50 languages
  • A feature film and several theatre productions has been made
  • 50 year anniversary in 2023
  • In place 27 on BBC’s 100 Greatest Children’s Books of All Time

Illustrations: © Design Ilon Wikland AB
The Brothers Lionheart: TM and © The Astrid Lindgren Company

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