Carl Larsson and Rights & Brands partners with the Gothenburg Furniture Fair to create inspirational oases

14 Jun 2019

Carl Larsson-gården, together with agency Rights & Brands, has been commissioned to create two inspirational surfaces based on Carl and Karin Larsson’s works at the furniture fair in Gothenburg, Sweden. The design concept aims to spread and preserve the cultural heritage of the couple Carl and Karin Larsson with the help of newly licensed products, with the proceeds going to the farm’s conservation. One display will be a charging lounge where the visitors and exhibitors of the fair can charge their batteries both literally and by getting a little rest in a unique environment that combines traditional with modern, an oasis where you can sit and work for a while and get away from the busy fair. The other display area becomes part of the fair’s café and will be based on “The table set”, Det dukade bordet” in Swedish.

We are incredibly proud and happy that the Carl and Karin Larsson’s family association has given us the confidence to develop a new design program to bring out these amazing artistic works. The spouses Larsson’s innovative thinking is close to today’s values ​​and we have received a fantastic response from many creative partners such as furniture manufacturers and interior designers, says Anna Lawrence, Rights Director at Rights & Brands in Stockholm.

It will be very exciting and fun to present some of this at Furniture Fair in Gothenburg, continues Anna Lawrence.

The Carl Larsson-gården in Sundborn is an icon within Swedish home decor and family life. Karin and Carl Larsson were both successful artists who used their home as their starting point in their works and together they created one of the world’s most famous artist’s homes. Carl and Karin Larsson are today referred to as Sweden’s first influencers with their innovative design language, motif and interior style, with the family in focus.

Photo by Rebel Walls.