Rights & Brands welcomes Sofie Sarenbrant!

24 May 2022

We are delighted to share the news that the hugely successful Swedish crime author Sofie Sarenbrant has joined Rights & Brands.
Author Photo © Magnus Ranvind 

Sofie Sarenbrant made her literary debut in 2010 and has since then become one of the biggest crime authors in the Nordics. She is most well known for her modern and creative series following the headstrong police detective Emma Sköld and her team in Stockholm. The series has sold over 4 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 15 languages to date. Sofie was awarded the prestigious prize Swedish Crime Writer of the Year in both 2019 and 2020.

Today, on Tuesday the 24th of May, Sofie Sarenbrant publishes her latest book in the popular Emma Sköld series: THE SOULMATE (Själsfränden). 


Stockholm is exploding in the warm colours of autumn. It is a striking view, but police detective Emma Sköld’s eyes falls on something else. A woman is balancing on the wrong side of the railing of a major bridge, holding a baby in her arms. As the woman’s hair catches the wind, Emma realizes she must prevent her from jumping and falling twenty-six meters freely, straight down to a certain death. And it is not just her, in her arms the woman is holding a baby. What has led the woman to stand there? Emma Sköld and her colleagues must find out as they face their most urgent case yet.

THE SOULMATE is the tenth book the popular crime series about detective Emma Sköld. Sofie Sarenbrant uniquely weaves together current and sensitive contemporary issues into the plot and explores topics such as human dignity, prejudice, and gaslighting. With short chapters, a straightforward language and strong cliffhangers, Sarenbrant’s storytelling has a unique drive and urgency. The result is an equally important and thrilling crime story, impossible to put down. 


With its unique mix of contemporary subjects, timeless themes and relatable main characters, the Emma Sköld series has captivated readers for over 10 years.

Sarenbrant created the series with a clear view of a career woman in the lead, fed up with the usual suspects of worn-out, alcoholic male detectives. Emma Sköld is as talented as strong-headed, a clever and street-smart investigator, equally appreciated and questioned by her colleagues for her daring decisions and brave moves. An award-winning, hard-to-put down series and a bright star on the Nordic crime scene.

“When it comes to narrating our superficial times, there are few who can beat Sofie Sarenbrant.”- Dagens Nyheter

“Enjoy Sofie Sarenbrant’s tempo, the smart dialogue and the cold chills down your spine.”- Femina Denmark

“I couldn’t stop reading yesterday, I was up half of the night. But it was worth it.”- Jenny Alversjö, TV4 Nyhetsmorgon (morning news show)

“As usual, Sarenbrant has a drive in her storytelling and conveys a contemporary matter through her choice of theme and plot construction which creates suspense and, in a very skillful way, draws the reader into the story. This is Swedish social-debate-crime of the best kind.”- BTJ

“Very thrilling”- Dagens Nyheter

We are excited and happy to be representing Sofie Sarenbrant as one of Rights & Brands authors. We wish her a warm welcome!

Are you interested in hearing more about The Soulmate or any of Sofie’s other books? Are you interested in a publishing deal with Sofie Sarenbrant? Contact your representative at Rights & Brands or hit us with an email at publishing@rightsandbrands.com