Viral Geniuses TV series offers a dozen of utterly hilarious episodes

19 Mar 2020

School is like a zoo and sometimes you need a bit of ironic humor, a creative imagination and critical thinking to find your place. This is the recipe for the main character Atlas Frisk in the new TV series Viral Geniuses (Virala Genier) that premiered on Friday March 6th. The series is based on the Finlandia Prize nominated Zoo #1: Viral Geniuses written by Kai Erik and Ted Forsström.


The outrageously funny Zoo book series tells about the everyday life of a 14-year-old teenage boy Atlas Frisk, full of surprises and relatable moments.  Zoo #1: Viral Geniuses is the first book of the series. Atlas starts Year 10 just as his best friend Elliott moves abroad. As any typical teenager Atlas tries to find his place in the school hierarchy. He emails with Elliott and shares his thoughts about everything going on at school and in his life in his own teenager manner. As well as a way of keeping in contact, the emails are an outlet for Atlas’s creativity. Despite living on opposite sides of the globe, the boys continue producing their own web comic “ Zoo”, a humorous reflection on school life, set in a zoo. 

After a twist of events Atlas finds himself and viral “waffling on a train” star Justin from class 10A nominated to run in the school council election. Surprisingly new classmate Sarah-Li volunteers as campaign manager for Atlas. But can the two take up the challenge, and defeat the muscular football-playing viral star who will stop at nothing to win?


The series has a cast of fresh rising talents, including Aron Syrjä who makes an impressive TV debut as the main character Atlas Frisk. The young cast truly is the driving force of this entertaining series, which portrays how uncontrollably hilarious a teenager’s imagination can truly be. Authors Kai Erik and Ted Forsström also have their share in the spotlight with guest appearances.


Viral Geniuses, produced by Citizen Jane Productions for Svenska YLE is available online Yle Areena and offers viewers two episodes every Friday. The first four episodes are already out.  All in all, there are 12 episodes of fast-paced, visually appealing, hysterical and ingenious quality teen drama. And each lasts about ten minutes – guaranteed LOL moments.