Sanna Sofia Vuori

Sanna Sofia Vuori (b. 1981) is very active in the children’s cultural scene: she is the creator of the popular web show Estrids bokklubb and also the Saga children’s theatre, among other things. The delightful and ingenuous picture book The Egg, illustrated by Linda Bondestam, is her debut as a picture book author. It was also nominated for the Finlandia Junior in 2018. 

Vuori’s other collaborations with Cara Knuutinen gives us the lovely Badger books that are a cosy read to both children and adults. The two titles, Badger Goes Missing and Badger Meets Lion, are traditionally illustrated with warm storytelling about a child who loves her stuffed animal Badger. The second title gained a Runeberg Junior nomination in 2023. 


Photo: © Cata Portin


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