A new TV show based on the Whodunit Detective Agency books premieres this Christmas

17 Nov 2020

A new TV series with The Whodunit Detective Agency, Lassemajas Detektivbyrå, will premiere on C More on December 4th.

It’s time for some new mystical cases in the town of Valleby when the new family TV series LasseMajas Detektivbyrå (The Wodunit Detective Agency) premieres on C More on December 4th. The actor and comedian Anders Jansson join the cast as the police chief and gets accompanied by Elis Nyström, Ellen Sarri Littorin, Sussie Eriksson, Shebly Niavarani and Clara Henry, amongst others.


Photo: Linus Hallsénius/C More

Photo: Linus Hallsénius/C More


The show focuses on the two friends Lasse, played by Elis Nyström, and Maja, played by Ellen Sarri Littorin, who together runs a detective agency in the small town of Valleby. They investigate all kinds of mysteries and contributes crucial puzzle pieces to the police chief, played by Anders Jansson. 


LasseMajas Detektivbyrå is based on the beloved books about the Whodunit Detective Agency that is written by Martin Widmark and illustrated by Helena Willis. Each episode is based on a Whodunit Detective Agency book that has not been adapted for the screen before. In total the story of six different books will be told. The first one will be ”Brandkårsmysteriet” in which the town of Valleby is struck with two fires and dramatic thefts associated with them. Lasse and Maja immediately start to investigate this mysterious connection and soon finds themselves in the middle of a complicated case with several suspicious residents in Valleby.


LasseMajas Detektivbyrå is a TV series that consists of six episodes à 44 minutes and premieres December 4th on C More.