Colorful sea life is the theme of Polarn O. Pyret’s new collaboration with Sarah Sheppard

04 May 2022

Today was the launch of the second collaboration between Sarah Sheppard and Polarn O. Pyret. This time sea life is in focus – with prints from Sheppard’s books about sharks (Hajar) and the animals in sea (Djuren i havet).


It was in 2021 that Polarn O. Pyret started their design collaboration with children’s book author Sarah Sheppard. The first collection was based on Sheppard’s popular books about dinosaurs. This time it’s a deeper dive as the new, summery collection features sharks and other creatures of the ocean!

Just as the last collection, PoP’s children clothing is unisex and full of vibrant colors, perfect for spring and summer.

The illustrations used on the prints are from Sheppard’s books “Hajar” and “Djuren i havet”. The books teach children about everything that lives under the sea, and the full history of sharks, who started their evolution on the planet over 400 million years ago.

As in the previous collection, it contains one special item for adults. This time it’s a pink t-shirt with a shark print, here worn by Sheppard herself. Sarah Sheppard is a Swedish author and illustrator. After a university class in paleontology Sarah combined her profession with a passion for science and dinosaurs, and she wrote and illustrated the hugely popular and critically acclaimed book Lots of Dinosaurs, published in 2008.  Since then, she has continued to write and illustrate several non-fiction books for children, always with a quirky mix of humor, facts and fantasy.

Thanks to Sheppard, both adults and children have become experts on dinosaurs, sharks and the animals of the forest. Polarn O. Pyret wants to encourage reading and the time you spend together with your children by reading, and that’s why they feel that Sarah Sheppard is a perfect collaboration partner for their apparel.

The collection is now available in Polarn O. Pyret’s stores in Sweden and the UK, and on their website


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