Moomin Amazon stores now available in the UK and Germany

17 Dec 2020

In cooperation with Dash Retail, Moomin Characters has created Moomin stores on Amazon for the UK and German markets. The platform is a great way to ensure that products are easily accessible for Moomin fans in these growing markets.


As its one of the biggest platforms of e-commerce, being a part of Amazon is vital for a worldwide brand like Moomin. With the help of the Finnish company Dash Retail Consulting, Moomin has now launched stores on Amazon UK and Germany. Dash Retail Consulting is a strategic consultancy that is focused on helping companies harness the power of Amazon as a sales platform.




”As a worldwide brand, Moomin needs to be present on the platforms where we know our fans are. With brand stores on Amazon, we ensure that we feature the best Moomin products available in one easy to find location, designed to align with the brand.” says Jonas Forth, manager director at 


Markus Varsikko at Dash Retail agrees and adds:

Being available through Amazon is essential, but what brings us the most joy is that the Moomin Amazon Store is probably the most beautiful store published in 2020. We expect to see it help Amazon to become important shopping channel for Moomin fans during next year.”



Visit Moomin on Amazon UK

Visit Moomin on Amazon Germany