News from Arabia coming autumn 2020

07 Jul 2020

Arabia’s new pitchers Bath House and Moment of Twilight feature the Moomin family’s bathing-house during winter, when it is taken care of by an important friend of the Moomin family, Too-ticky. The Moomin family usually hibernates, but this time Moomintroll and Little My are awake and warming up by the bathing-house fireplace.


The Bath House pitcher depicts a building resembling the Moominhouse from the outside, and the Moment of Twilight depicts the building’s atmosphere from the inside, as Too-ticky prepares a fish soup at dusk. Moomin by Arabia pitchers are classically designed, and the large pitcher has a ceramic lid that can be used to protect drinks from the sun and insects. The large Bath House pitcher is great for serving juice and milk, the small Moment of Twilight pitcher is perfect for serving milk or custard at the coffee table.

The stories behind the illustrations

The illustrations of the pitchers are based on Tove Jansson’s Moominland Midwinter, which was published in 1957. In the illustration, it’s late winter, Too-ticky is washing the windows of the bathing-house and airing towels. The Moomins are usually hibernating at this time of year and have no idea that Too-ticky spends winters in their bathing-house.

The bathing-house is round, just like Moominhouse. However, it is a little topsy-turvy: the planks are all different lengths and the sea salt and the sun have faded its colours and made it look a little worse for wear. The sun shines through the red and green window panes of the bathing-house, forming pretty reflections on the floor.

On the steps leading to the sea, we find Little My who has discovered Moominmamma’s kitchen knives. She is making them into skates to try them out on the frozen sea. In the doorway, we see Moomintroll dressed in his bathrobe. The sun is luring the spring to arrive, and soon, the bathing-house will again be used for swimming.

The moment of twilight attracts invisible helpers

In the winter, the bathing-house is dark and mysterious – even familiar items become strange. Too-ticky is fishing under the ice as the sea level is lower than the icy roof. In the bathing-house, she makes fish soup with her tiny helpers, the invisible shrews. The shrews help her cook and serve the food. Even Little My is amazed by the creatures crawling on her lap.

The bathing-house has a cupboard that can only be opened in spring. It holds the Moomins’ large, inflatable Hemulen swimming toy. However, in winter, the cupboard is the home of the Moomins’ ancestor. It is a small, hairy creature with a long tail. Curious, Moomintroll opens the door and is taken by surprise when the ancestor runs out and disappears into the wintry Moominvalley.

 The pitchers will be available from 1 September 2020.


Miniature Groke and five other mini mugs

In autumn 2020, the series of mini mugs will be completed with six new mini mugs, which are Stinky, Sniff, Fillyfjonk, Hemulen, Groke and Thingumy & Bob. The latest series of mini mugs originally appeared as Classic mugs in 2001–2005.

The first six miniature Classic mugs were released in the autumn 2019. They are mini-sized versions of their role models, the Teema-shaped Classic mugs. Teema-shaped Moomin mugs have been in production at Arabia since 1990. Now, the mini mugs present the inhabitants of Moominvalley as a series of six mini mugs.


Stinky first appeared on a mug in 2001. Stinky is the scoundrel of Moominvalley, but he is a funny little thing. In the illustration, the rascal runs around carrying bottles he plans to sell as a magical anti-radiation elixir. Stinky mug is still in production with the original illustration.


Released in 2002, Sniff is Moomintroll’s friend who loves anything shiny. Sniff feels that he is the tiniest and most faint-hearted creature that has ever lived. In the illustration of the mug, Sniff is with a cat, as he would like a cat of his own to feel needed.

Fillyfjonk and Hemulen

Fillyfjonk and Hemulen mugs were released in 2004. There are many Fillyfjonks and Hemulens, but the most famous ones are Mrs Fillyfjonk who loves order and principles as well as Hemulen who is passionate about collecting plants and cannot see or hear anything when engrossed in his hobby. Mrs Fillyfjonk lives close to the Moominhouse with her children and cleans her home and garden diligently. Hemulen is gentle albeit a little humourless.

The Groke and Thingumy & Bob

The Groke and Thingumy & Bob mugs were released in 2005 and the characters share a story. The lonely Groke is a stranger to the dwellers of Moominvalley. No one knows her, and she knows no one. The Groke makes sudden appearances, always uninvited. Thingumy and Bob are tiny little toffles who like to hide in nooks and crannies. They speak in a language no one else understands. They carry a big secret: the King’s Ruby hidden in a suitcase, coveted by both the Groke and the Hobgoblin.

The new mini mugs will be available starting 1 September 2020 and onwards.