Polarn O. Pyret's collaboration with Sarah Sheppard’s Dino Deluxe launched last week – and it was an immediate success

03 Nov 2021

Polarn O. Pyret launched their first design collaboration with the Swedish author and illustrator Sarah Sheppard last week and some of the pieces sold out in just a matter of hours. Together, Polarn O. Pyret and Sarah Sheppard has created a unique and colorful unisex collection, inspired by the authors popular dinosaur book series Dino Deluxe.


Just as Sheppard’s Dino Deluxe books the apparel and accessories are vibrant and educational. Some of the innovative prints go all around the pieces and others has a 3D effect with texture so that you can feel them. On the yellow sweatshirt you can lift a part of the dinosaur to reveal the anatomy of it underneath.

The collection is fully based on the Dino Deluxe books. In physical stores, Polarn O. Pyret has featured the book by hanging it on the clothing racks, printed dinosaur footprints on the floor and decorated with big cut-outs of illustrations from the books. 

A limited adult version of the Dino Deluxe sweatshirt, here worn by Sarah, was also launched – and sold immediately.

When the collection was announced in the spring of 2021, Martina Wernemar, assortment and production manager at Polarn O. Pyret commented on the collaboration:

–        Sarah’s aesthetic is fantastic, and this limited collection is an homage to her playful and colorful illustrations. Together, we have created a collection of high quality that lasts a long time and can be inherited further. We hope that these garments will become favorites in children’s closets


Together, Polarn O. Pyret and Sarah Sheppard have created a high-quality collection that lasts a long time and is then passed on for generations. The collection is available in Polarn O. Pyret’s stores in Sweden and the UK, and on their website


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