Rights & Brands signs with Sarah Sheppard

04 Jun 2020

Rights & Brands has signed with author and illustrator Sarah Sheppard, representing her for licensing rights. Sheppard is known for her brilliant way of combining facts with humor and teaches children everything about animals and places around the world.

Sarah Sheppard was born in 1971 and grew up in both Atlanta and in Sollentuna, and now she is stationed in Stockholm. Sarah has for over 10 years been noted for her fun and unique books that has been rewarded several times. In a brilliant way she combines facts with fiction in her ingenious images, texts and comic strips.

Her book Important Maps for Daydreamers and Adventurers has brought the curiosity for our amazing planet for tens of thousands of children about all the amazing, exciting and mysterious things you can find in the world. The book is a best seller with over 60 000 copies sold and received the Carl von Linné Plaque, for best non-fiction children’s book in 2013!

Photo: ©Caroline Andersson