Sarpaneva has created a new watch honoring the 75-year anniversary of the Moomin stories

26 Aug 2020

The Finnish born, internationally renowned watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva has created a Moomin themed watch that will fascinate watch collectors worldwide. The watch celebrates the 75 years the Moomin stories have been spreading joy to countries all around the world.

The anniversary watch is of limited availability and in accordance to the anniversary year only 75 pieces are available. The appreciated Stepan Sarpaneva who designs and manufactures luxury watches in his workshop in Helsinki Cable Factory has designed a watch that is based on the Moomin stories. The watch has already been noticed at Switzerland’s Oscar gala for watches as well as at the world’s most prestigious auction house for watches.

The design of the watch’s dial is inspired by Tove Jansson’s illustration in the book Moominsummer Madness (1954). In the original illustration, Moomintroll is seen dreaming among reeds on a summer day.

“I had an idea, that the original, black and white illustration also could be made in colour, with respect for the original version, through moominous magic” Sarpaneva says.

The hand-painted colours illuminate in the dark and create a new atmosphere: “Now that the evenings darken dreams change, they get colour and maybe get brought to life in a different way.

Fascinating storytelling through technology

The watch is a fascinating example of how a fairytale’s power can be maximised in technical pieces as well, such as in watches.

“There are eight different Swiss Superluminova colours that are painted by hand on the three-pieced steel dial. This creates the watch’s unique combination of colours”, Sarpaneva tells.

Pieteet designed the packaging radiating in Moominosity.

Even the packaging depicts the world of the Moomin stories in a handsome way.

The watch slides playfully in to the pocket under the comic strip.

The envelope-looking case is decorated with the map of Moominvalley and can be wrapped nicely with ribbons.

The quality and elegance appealed to many during the Oscar gala for watches in Switzerland

Already before its launch the watch had gained attention among the watch community and was chosen to the “Oscar’s” of the watch world, known as the Grand Prix d´Horlogerie de Genève -competition.

Furthermore, a watch from the anniversary collection will be auctioned off at the famous Philips auction house, at the moment regarded as one of the world’s most significant auction houses concerning valuable watches. The proceeds from the auction will go directly to Moomin Characters’ and the John Nurminen Foundation’s joint campaign, #OURSEA that collects funds to clean the Baltic Sea and protect its heritage.

The watch can be purchased here