Silenta’s new delightful hearing protectors were designed by children

14 May 2020

The Finnish company Silenta received help from children for designing a new collection of Moomin hearing protectors. The story of the product line has a fascinating potential to change our perceptions of hearing, hearing protection and why it is important to protect children from loud noises.

Adventures can sometimes be scary, but in Moominvalley fears are encountered safely together with the family.

Sometimes adventures take us into a noisy environment. Noisy environments and loud noises can and should be a little bit scary. Loud noises can cause permanent hearing damage, and noise-induced hearing loss cannot be cured. The only way to protect your hearing from permanent damage is to wear hearing protection in loud environments. It is important to choose a high-quality protector that stays in place, especially for children who sometimes find it hard to stay still!

Thanks to the hearing protector’s structure design, Silenta’s earmuffs fit nicely over kids’ small heads and stay in place flexibly and comfortably. The high-quality spring force ensures that the product’s attenuation value remains the same even over extensive periods of usage.


Guaranteed quality with a visual design made by children

‘’When children are asked to pick an object, they most often choose by colour, not shape. Colours also evoke a lot of emotion and have a strong effect on whether a child likes to wear earmuffs or not. Children’s preferences and understanding differs from ours, and that is why we asked children to design our new Moomin hearing protectors. Thanks to the them, the Moomin protectors are brightly coloured’’ team Silenta describes.


The funniest suggestion came from several children: they chose two different colours for the earmuffs, so that one ‘’ear’’ is a different colour from the other.

Children easily recognize the characters in the Moominworld. Familiar characters who behave lovably are easily transferred into children’s own games and behavior.



A total of six different models models of Moomin earmuffs were created – four for children and two for adult Moomin fans.